About US

We always worked hard to meet client’s deadline ensuring quality!

Our VA’s are trained and with a little knowledge of your business, they can perform like a pro. Our intention is to save both time and money for start-ups and small business owners and we do it with our best attention.

Why we started?

The effortless fight in the business world has lead us in situations where the founding members have felt that they could have done it differently. Depending on people and then not get the results, getting late on projects, lack of dedicated professionals; these are the things that Mabz and Imti (Founders) had to fight especially in a fast moving business environment. To stay on feet even when times are tough is what our Virtual Assistants are trained for. We have formed a team who is indestructible when it comes to business and it’s growing!

The support that we provide may be based on a far remote location, but we love to co-operate with people from all around the world. Because we believe that physical boundaries should not be a problem when it comes to business and professionalism.