Social Media Has Changed the Way People Travel. What Does It Say About Your Business?

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Social media has radically changed the way people travel and how many companies connect with their target demographics. For people traveling, planning holidays or staying away for business purposes, sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp,, etc. can play a very important role. People use sites like these to research potential destination and activities that they can participate once they arrive their destination. Research from these sort of social sites leads people to make purchasing decisions. So if you are a business owner, in travel or hospitality industry in particular, how well are you shaping your social presence to your potential customers?

Business Reviews

More than 90% of travelers today goes online to research their future travel destinations and accommodations. From social sharing sites such as Instagram to crowd-sourced review sites like TripAdvisor, thousands are browsing through every day for travel inspirations and validation.

Online review says a lot about a business. People can get easy access to real guest feedback to preview in person experience of the destinations from others. Your social media contents and how people are talking about you is tremendously influential. It can either drive business in or put customers off.

Social Sharing

People always like the idea of sharing, especially when it comes to social sites. Social media has made it easier than ever to expand people’s ability to share their experience with a wider audience.  It is important to encourage guests to take pictures or review your business. Many businesses are already running different social contest and campaigns to get involved. Besides providing a good service, there are a lot of ways that a business can encourage their customers to share them more. For example, Holiday Inn in London Stratford City occasionally uses their guest’s photos mentioning the guest name to promote. This encourages other guests to take more pictures. Nikos Express in Vista, CA does a 20% discount on their food for a Facebook check-in. This not only help them to get more recognition but also to achieve a larger reach.

Customer service

Social media reviews and review sites can be considered as a reflection of your service. A vast majority of brands in present days have a social media presence and they use it to build up reputation. The companies that respond to customer complaints in a sincere and genuine manner tend to develop a strong reputation. For example, American Airlines and JetBlue take initiative and respond to all frustrating experiences in time and with personal integrity.

Businesses should always interact with their customers through social sites. This will help to learn more about the customers’ marketplace. Feedbacks are a great way to listen to customers to make improvements.


It can be hard to retain existing customers sometimes than to bringing new customers in. This is the point where loyalty program strikes the most. For many businesses, it has become a core business model as well as brand recognition. Social sites have a massive impact on how customers share their opinion on their individual network and how everything is constructed. With the help of technology, it is now easier than ever for businesses to track their customers at an individual level and build up loyalty program.

Social Media has changed the theme of marketing and connecting with the audience in all businesses including leisure, hospitality and service industry. Most travelers determine their next destination based on online reviews and social media shares. By receiving social feedback and encouraging social shares a business can build up its brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty.

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