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Facebook is a beast when it comes to social media. It is like the cheese on a pizza with 24hr delivery for modern businesses. There are even businesses which completely depends and run based on Facebook. Why not when it has over 1.86 billion monthly active users, and the picture can only be brighter when we think about the potential it holds.

Posting with a Photo

Like the smile, a picture can sometimes worth more than a thousand words. People like colorful, vibrant yet simple photos. Not only on Facebook but also in social Medias like Twitter, Instagram, etc. works the same. Photos can be an exciting way of promoting a product or service and tend to get more engagement than a plain status update. With a photo business can be engaging with customers by joining in conversations, sharing photos, encouraging customers to share their photos, announcing upcoming events, any exciting release, etc.


This might depends on the business you have and what time works out best for you. You can easily find out my monitoring your account over few weeks by posting at random times. It is advisable to post at certain times when you can get maximum reach. There are several reports and analysis available online that shows that people are most active on Facebook on Friday. The time analysis varies where the most activities are picked around 5 pm on any given day. Depending on the best time that works, you should consider getting the best out of this Friday trends.

Realistic posts

People always like personality and originality. A good scenario would be asking questions, sharing your name and position on the company, sharing your own view, be open about issues, getting customers to tell their views, etc. As much as promoting the business or brand, there should be variety in posts. A short and funny quiz is a good way to get customers engaging while things like famous quotes, good customers experience story, celebrating success, employee promotions, etc. also can be shared.

Facebook check-in

If I have 500 friends on my Facebook, and I visit my local Starbucks every day in the morning. For an instant, I did a Facebook check-in today while I was waiting on the line, and this will instantly reach on all of my friend’s feeds. If this happens to most of the customers visit you every day, this could have huge benefits. Some business let customers use their free Wi-Fi in return of a Facebook check-in while there are some who get their employees to check-in prior to their shifts. On the other hand, a small discount on the price could work great to get more check-ins.

Post reach and Ads

It is not the number of the followers that you get make your business stand out. Sometimes the competition can have crazy high followers and yet it’s the people that are related to your business counts the most. Based on the demographic data Facebook receive from its users, the more engagement you get in a post will have the most quality return. Facebook is an amazingly useful platform when it comes to ads. You can target people from a specific demographic and can narrow it down with many specifications that it will make sure it reaches the people you want. The ‘Insights’ provides you with a goldmine of data about your page, your audience, and your customers. As you would use Facebook insights to analyze the performance of your organic Facebook posts, you can measure this data against your paid posts. You can run Facebook ads from as little as $1/day depending on what you want to achieve.

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